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BUDMO – sharing their love of Ukrainian music through electrifying performances, guaranteeing an absolute party of a good time!

Formed in 2015 from Winnipeg, the band consists of vocalist Alexander Karpa, accordionist Luke Udod, violinist Simon Reimer, bassist Marco Freynet, and drummer Andrew Mandziuk.


PARTY TIME ORCHESTRA is a favorite local band that has brought the true prairie Ukrainian dance sounds to the stage for many weddings and various social functions over the past decades. The core band has remained constant with the addition of Cliff’s Grandson, Haydn, who has been playing Fiddle since he was 6. Patty Andrechuk joined the group in 2014, and Emanuel Nakonechny joined the group in 2019. Diverse and versatile selections showcase each member and displays their true love of music.

The Band members are:
Cliff Hadway (Fiddle /Cymbaly)
Syd Puchailo (Guitar/Vocals),
Jim Symchych & Ron Zaleski (drums) 
Haydn Hadway (Fiddle)
Patty Andriechuk (Bass/Vocals)
Emanuel Nakonechny (Guitar/Vocals)
Come out and kick up your heels to the energy of PTO, and have fun with us Saturday evening at the Kozak tavern!


A newly formed Ukrainian Band in Saskatoon called ZA OKEANOM (Across the Ocean). We have formed in February and our first performance is this upcoming weekend at the Ukrainian Karpaty Pavilion in Saskatoon Folk Festival.

There are six members of our band and we were all born in Ukraine and have immigrated to Canada at various stages of our lives.

Music has been a part of each of our lives in varying degrees and levels and we are extremely excited to be bringing our rendition of Ukrainian traditional and new hits with our own twist.


This Ukrainian Canadian Polka Band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada has become one of the province’s top Ukrainian party bands!

From their roots comes upbeat polkas, classic rock hits & oldies, country favourites and everything in between. This high energy group is sure to keep the dance floor full with their wide variety of music.

Over the last 20+ years, their passions have taken them across North America to play many weddings, socials, festivals, casinos, special events and yearly Malankas.

Their talents are perfect for any crowd or occasion.

To date, the group has released 3 studio albums and is preparing for a fourth!

SLOOHAI continues to do it’s part in promoting and preserving the Ukrainian culture, heritage and music for future generations.


UKRAINIAN CONNECTION was formed by Walter Kyliuk and Norm Woytowich in 2002. Ukrainian legends, Mickey and Bunny needed a back up band for their upcoming tour of Western Canada. Ukrainian Connection was honoured to back the popular group for the next three years. During this time, they recorded three albums. Their first album was the top selling CD in Saskatchewan in 2003. During this time, the band also backed Walter and his three sisters recording an album called Traditional Ukrainian Wedding by the Kyliuk family.

Walter and Norman were awarded the Legendary Achievement Award at the Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin in 2010 and were also inducted into the Ukrainian Musician Association Hall of Fame.

Ukrainian Connection performed at the Vegreville Pysanka Festival for the last two years and are already engaged to perform at next year’s festival. Last year, Ukrainian Connection was the main band to perform at Ukrainian Day in the Park in Saskatoon before a crowd of over 4000 people.

In recent years, Walter and Norman have been joined by the talented musicians: Darlene Hupaelo and Russ Fountain. Darlene’s vocals include both English and Ukrainian. Ukrainian Connection music is played regularly on the popular Saturday Night Dance Party Saskatoon Radio Station CJWW.

The band continues to play at many different functions.


By Request is a Manitoba based band specializing in a Ukrainian-Canadian “prairie sound” of music that presents an energy and music style that is very unique!

 Traditional Ukrainian folk tunes, foot stomping polkas and classic country / rock hits give us a repertoire of music that can be enjoyed by all ages.

From Weddings to Anniversaries, Fall Suppers to Malankas, and Old Time Dances to House Parties we have a passion for what we do, and that’s to entertain you!


Singer/songwriter from USA. 
Born and raised in Ukraine, Viktoriya Kantor has been captivating audiences with her powerful voice and energetic stage presence since a young age. 
Get ready to be mesmerized by her performance, which promises to be a celebration of Ukrainian culture and music!


From spinning party tunes in the Dominican Republic to being the DJ at Dauphin’s Countryfest. DJ Gordo has kept people dancing for over 30 years. Whether it be weddings in Saskatchewan or Cottage parties in Lake of The Woods you can be sure that people are dancing.

Not only playing music at the Winnipeg Jets games and Winnipeg Blue Bomber games. He also takes his energy up to northern Manitoba and has played at numerous Treaty Day celebrations. Being born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba, he started his DJ career spinning at some of the hottest night clubs back in the day. Now he travels throughout North America playing what you want to hear. Yes, he can also get his ZABAVA on!




Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Ensemble captivates audiences with its rich presentation of traditional and contemporary folk dances from the diverse regions of Ukraine. Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has performed in the US, Canada and Ukraine. With a love of Ukrainian dance and culture, Cheremosh is excited to grace the stage of Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival 2024.


Established in 1960 as a classical Ukrainian dance company under the support of the Ukrainian National Youth Federation (UNYF), Kalyna Performing Arts Company, part of the Ukrainian National Federation in Toronto, is a cherished treasure in the realm of traditional Ukrainian dance. Founded by Artistic Director Seman Dzugan, the group gained recognition for its commitment to preserving and showcasing the rich heritage of Ukrainian dance.

After a brief hiatus, Kalyna experienced a vibrant revival in 2016, marked by a newfound artistic excellence under the direction of Stefan Kuziw. Stefan’s lifelong passion for Ukrainian dance is palpable through his experience and extensive research, resulting in unique and dynamic Virsky-inspired choreography. The semi-professional dancers, deeply committed to mastering Stefan’s creations, deliver performances that resonate with audiences, creating a crowd-favorite experience across North America.

Adding to the richness of Kalyna’s current artistic endeavors, the company proudly collaborates with guest choreographer Volodymyr Shmagun. Shmagun, a distinguished Ukrainian ballet master, served as the Chief choreographer of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and his choreographic productions garnered recognition, blending folk and military-patriotic themes. Alongside Stefan Kuziw, Shmagun has contributed three captivating pieces to Kalyna’s repertoire, emphasizing the company’s dedication to artistic excellence and innovation.


For 60 years, the Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble has been capturing the imagination of audiences around the world with its often fiery, always colourful presentation of Ukrainian dance. Built on a foundation of discipline, devotion, and camaraderie, Rusalka has become an integral part of the Canadian arts community. Rusalka’s rich choreographic repertoire features dances from Ukraine’s diverse regions, styles, and moods to captivate any audience.

It is with ancient Ukrainian folklore in mind that Rusalka’s founder, the late Peter Hladun, brought together a group of promising young dancers in 1962. Hand-picked from the Ukrainian National Federation School of Dance, the eager and dedicated students soon developed into one of the most exciting Ukrainian dance ensembles in Canada.
From its Canadian roots, Rusalka has expanded its horizon to reach out to an ever-widening audience. Major tours throughout Asia, Europe, North America, and Ukraine, along with performances for heads of state and royalty, have placed Rusalka among the most widely recognized Ukrainian dance groups in the world.

Discover the excitement that is, Rusalka!


The Zirka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble which calls Dauphin, Manitoba its home, shines brightly, fulfilling the meaning of their name which translates to ‘star’ in Ukrainian. By teaching, promoting, and instilling a love for Ukrainian dance, they preserve cultural awareness through traditional and creative steps, regional attire, and music.

With over four decades of passionate instruction, Zirka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and School of Dance has fostered a love for Ukrainian dance and culture across multiple generations. Starting at just four years old children can join one of our many grade based groups that continue all the way until becoming a young adult performer – including summers with The Senior Ensemble!

This year, Zirka can’t wait to step onto the familiar stage alongside an amazing group of talented artists.


Founded in 1974, Tryzub has been dazzling audiences with its enchanting and energetic repertoire for the past 50 years. Proud to call Calgary home, Tryzub has represented Calgary’s vibrant arts scene on stages around the world. Currently under the artistic direction of Mr. Shane Gibson, Tryzub continues to bring the beauty and colour of Ukrainian dance and folklore. Celebrating 50 years of dance in 2024, Tryzub is touring a brand new production called Dzvinka – a must see retelling of the story of Oleksa Dovbush.


Just over thirty years ago, Lorraine Boitson recognized a need and set out to provide her young family with a Ukrainian cultural experience through the medium of dance — little did she know that she would plant a seed that would blossom into a vibrant bouquet, bringing enjoyment to hundreds of young dancers and their families.

Since 1986, Ukrainian dancers from all over south east Manitoba have travelled to Anola, Manitoba to embark on a journey rich in culture and lasting friendship — a journey which has become known as the Selo Ukrainian Dancers.

Lorraine approached Bonnie Shymko and Rod Picklyk about instructing the initial group of only nine dancers. As the director of our school, Lorraine (known to many as Pee Wee) filled the shoes of the seamstress, treasurer, fundraiser, and much more. Soon we grew in enrolment and a Board of dedicated parents was formed to operate our dance school.

After accepting this offer and over 30 years later, Selo continues to thrive under the artistic directorship of Rod, Bonnie, and their daughter Hannah, with enrolment at nearly 100 young performers.


Brandon Troyanda School of Ukrainian Dance was founded in 1976 and has been providing Ukrainian dance to students in Brandon and area since. The school is home to over 115 dancers, with the senior and adult groups honoured to perform on the grandstand this year. Brandon Troyanda is proud to have Jodi Woloski, Tynnille Chomenchuk Bouchard, and Mikayla Kurchaba as the choreographers and instructors for the school.

In 2019 the senior group travelled to Ukraine to perform at the International Ukrainian Dance and Culture Festival. Brandon Troyanda hosts and provides the majority of the entertainment for the Ukrainian Pavilion at the Westman Multicultural Festival in Brandon every winter. The school also hosts one of the largest dance festivals in Manitoba on a bi-annual basis