CNUF is proud to host a great variety of performers to our festival every year. This Year is no exception, with bands from across the prairies and dance groups from across the country.


Established in Edmonton in 1959, the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers present dance-theatre touring productions across Canada and around the world. Seen by millions on international broadcasts, the company has presented command performances for Queens and Presidents and have performed alongside the likes of Andrea Bocelli and Julie Andrews. 

While maintaining deep respect for their heritage, Shumka continually challenges conventional boundaries to define the experience of Ukrainian dance in the context of today’s society. Shumka has an extensive repertoire of original works including Shumka’s Nutcracker, Kobzar, Ancestors & Elders, Mosquito’s Wedding, Echoes of Hopak, and its work in progress based on the imagination of Lesia Ukrainka.

In 2022, Shumka was awarded the Shevchenko Medal by the National Ukrainian Canadian Congress, the highest such award of merit in Canada recognizing outstanding national contributions in culture and the arts. In the same year, Shumka also received the Hnatyshyn Foundation’s Ukraine – Heritage, Spirit and Future Award, recognizing and celebrating exceptional talent in performing artists of Ukrainian heritage in Canada. The year also saw Shumka celebrate its 60th anniversary with Shumka on Tour including 12 performances in six cities across Canada.

In recent years, Shumka has also produced numerous award-winning dance films including Ancestors & Elders, Dancing on Eggshells, and Promised Land. It is currently in post-production with a 3-D version of the whimsical Mosquito’s Wedding which will premiere in 2023.

Part of Shumka’s mandate is the creation of a centre of excellence in dance education to prepare the next generation of dancers in the art form. The Shumka School of Dance trains over 200 young dancers using North America’s only syllabus for Ukrainian dance, in addition to contemporary movement and RAD ballet instruction. The thoroughly developed syllabus is a resource available to schools around the world and includes  instructor-training and a series of professional grade-level instructional tools including online, hard-copy, video and musical resources.

Studia Shumka – a junior performing ensemble and bridging program between the School and the professional Shumka company – was established in the Fall of 2018.

Shumka also offers Ukrainian-dance and RAD-based fitness classes for seniors and adults including its popular Seniors Can Shumka and Silver Swans programs.

Shumka is based in the Shumka Dance Centre in downtown Edmonton. For more information, visit

Vohon Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

Now in its 33rd  year, Vohon is praised for its colourful diversity of talent, its amazing ability to transcend the traditional into new cultural landscapes, and its power to ignite the stage from the moment the curtain opens to the final Hopak!

The ensemble from Edmonton, Alberta, is under the artistic direction of Trish Kushniruk, Larissa Pohoreski, and Matt Karpiak; together they have over 80 years of dance and instructional experience.

Their unique styles and vision combine to provide the dancers with challenging and innovative choreography, including both regional repertoire and character storyline pieces. Under their collaborative artistic leadership, the group of over 40 dancers presents a skillful blend of Ukrainian folk dance, ballet, and contemporary dance. The result is a captivating display of experimental Ukrainian dance that is blazing a remarkable path for the ensemble around the world.

Since its inception, Vohon has had the privilege of performing at premier Ukrainian Festivals and other performances across Western Canada, the United States, Australia, Germany, Scotland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Japan, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Ukraine, England, and most recently Portugal! Vohon is truly a strong ambassador for Edmonton’s Ukrainian community, as well as for their province and country.

Experience Vohon!


Trembita – a Ukrainian band based out of Edmonton, Alberta that has been entertaining audiences for more than four decades. Originally formed in a north Edmonton basement, Trembita broke into the Ukrainian folk/polka scene in 1977.

Over the years, the band has performed at numerous festivals, concerts and private events. Trembita continues to promote the polka culture to the worldwide polka nation and shows no signs of slowing down. Get your zabava fix!

Join the Trembita Polka Nation!

Zirka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

Zirka means “Star” in Ukrainian and this Dauphin based troupe’s shining performances live up to their name. Zirka has been teaching, promoting, and instilling an appreciation and enjoyment of the art of Ukrainian Dance through the traditional and creative dance steps, regional and authentic costumes and music to promote Ukrainian cultural awareness.

Zabutnyy Dance Company

Zabutnyy Dance Company hails from Regina, Saskatchewan and is under the artistic direction of Serhiy and Liana Zabutnyy. Before making Canada their home, Serhiy, Liana, and their son Maksym, lived in Ternopil, Ukraine. Serhiy and Liana joined “Nadzbruchanka” in 1989 and danced professionally for 14 years, getting the opportunities to travel to Canada, Poland, France, and Germany to perform the group’s vibrant repertoire and share Ukrainian culture . In the late 90’s, Serhiy served as the artistic director of “Nadzbruchanka”, and his choreographed dances, “Dubotanets” and “Bukovynian”, are still being performed by the ensemble. After moving to Canada, Serhiy and Liana dedicated themselves to teaching Ukrainian dance and culture in Saskatchewan, and in 2009 they opened the doors of Zabutnyy Dance Company.

The ensemble of Zabutnyy Dance Company has a large repertoire of traditional and regional dances. The group loves to perform at cultural events and festivals across Saskatchewan and beyond. In 2019, the ensemble was able to visit and perform in Ukraine, a dream for many dancers and family members of the group. They had the wonderful opportunity to take part in the International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival in Lviv, share the stage with the Bukovynian Honoured Song and Dance Ensemble in Chernivtsi, and perform with Academic Dance Ensemble “Nadbruchanka” in Ternopil. In 2013, 2016, and 2022 the ensemble had the pleasure to grace the stage of Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival, sharing and celebrating such wonderful festivities of Ukrainian culture in Canada. In November 2022, Zabutnyy joined Yevshan, Pavlychenko, and the Lastiwka Choir in “United for Ukraine,” a benefit concert supporting Ukraine. 

DJ Gordo

From spinning party tunes in the Dominican Republic to being the DJ at Dauphins Countryfest. DJ Gordo has kept people dancing for over 30 years. Whether it be weddings in Saskatchewan or Cottage parties in Lake of The Woods you can be sure that people are dancing.

Not only playing music at the Winnipeg Jets games and Winnipeg Blue Bomber games. He also takes his energy up to northern Manitoba and has played at numerous Treaty Day celebrations. Being born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba, he started his DJ career spinning at some of the hottest night clubs back in the day. Now he travels throughout North America playing what you want to hear. Yes, he can also get his ZABAVA on!


A well-oiled group of musicians whose love for Ukrainian music is evident in every performance.
Their years of experience playing with various groups like Tyt i Tam, UB, and Zhyto is unmistakable, and is the foundation of their dynamic and engaging live show. Bringing together their love of many genres, Mashyna fuses them together with the sounds of their ancestry to create this new progressive style of Ukrainian Power Polka.

Stay up to date with Mashyna on Instagram and Facebook:


 Mashyna is: 
Arko Ferdycz on drums; Matt Gruza on accordion and guitar. Toma Lebedovich on bass and vocals. John Dickinson on Guitar and vocals; and Mark Klopoushak on guitar, violin, and vocals.

Tyt i Tam

For two decades, Тут і Там has been captivating audiences worldwide with their unique and progressive style of Ukrainian turbo-folk. The five-piece band has been the featured performer at Ukrainian festivals across Canada, including Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival, Toronto and Montreal Ukrainian Festivals, Vegreville’s Pysanka Festival, and their hometown Saskatoon’s Folkfest and Vesna Festival.  Tyt i Tam has also extensively toured internationally throughout the U.S., Australia, and Ukraine, including performances at the National Ukrainian Festival in Sydney, Australia, Atlas Weekend (Kraina Mriy) Festival in Kyiv, Ukraine, and collaborated with Ukrainian superstars Rozhanytsia and Burdon Folk Band.

Each member of Тут і Там has an extensive background in many styles of music, which when fused together creates their enigmatic signature sound. Stacked with four-part harmonies and masterful instrumental work, Тут і Там’s creative arrangements and sincere musicality transcend the studio and contribute to their dynamic live shows, filled with utter chaos and ecstasy. 
Тут і Там has released four full-length studio albums. Their latest release, Обряд (Obriad, meaning “Ritual”), is a 12-track concept album through which the band explores ancient rituals of the calendar year and life cycle in a contemporary context. Through Obriad, the band examines fundamental elements of the human experience – love and loss, the changing of seasons, celebration and hardship, traditional songs and village dances – with a new depth and impassioned honesty. Obriad is Тут і Там's most mature album to date, marking a departure from their earlier three releases while keeping the energy, instrumental prowess, and vocal harmonies that they are known for. It shatters expectations with the seamless fusion of folk-rock, dance, ska, reggae, and village influences.

Тут і Там is Matt Gruza (accordion), Carissa Klopoushak (violin, sopilka, vocals), Mark Klopoushak (drums, vocals), Steve Kodak (bass, vocals), and John Dickinson (guitar, vocals).

Chaban Ukrainian Dance Group

In its 43rd year, Chaban Ukrainian Dance Group of Thunder Bay, Ontario continues as a leader in preserving Ukrainian culture through dance. Chaban’s multitalented and multicultural dancers and volunteers showcase the diverse regions of Ukraine with vivacious and lively dances, a variety of choreographic styles, authentic and stylized costumes, and beautiful music.
Under the artistic direction of Cathy Paroschy Harris, Chaban has long exemplified an outstanding group of over one hundred dedicated and talented individuals, sharing their heritage and culture through the beautiful art, music, and athleticism of Ukrainian dance. Chaban is regarded highly in its community, nationally, and internationally for its creative preservation and interpretation of culture, tradition, and dance. We are grateful to all who have been a part of bringing Chaban to the festival stage. Chaban has been very active locally and in performances in communities outside of Thunder Bay, many in support of Ukraine.
Chaban has performed twice in cities and villages across Ukraine, in Spain, at the Capital Ukrainian Festival in Ottawa and the Bloor West Village Ukrainian Festival in Toronto, as well as at Disney World, and throughout Minnesota and Northwestern Ontario. Chaban is thrilled to return to the CNUF stage once again.
Chaban supports Ukraine by dancing with all our heart and soul, and is inspired by the spirit and strength of the Ukrainian people. Every step across the stage is a prayer for Ukraine.
May you feel the energy! Slava Ukraini! Heroyem Slava!
fb: Chaban Ukrainian Dance Group
Instagram: chabandance

Photo credit: Shine Photos

Druzhba Ensemble

Druzhba (Дружба) meaning “friendship” is a Ukrainian dance ensemble comprised of friends and family who strive to promote excellence in dance and share their passion for Ukrainian culture.
Newly formed in 2022, Druzhba Ukrainian Dance Ensemble has captivated local and national audiences at festivals and competitions in Manitoba and across Canada.
Under the leadership of Taras Zaporozan & Daria Tkaczyk, Druzhba’s goal is to bring focus to traditional Ukrainian folk dance through innovative choreography and entertaining performances.

Prairie Fire

Prairie Fire is the hottest Ukrainian polka band to come out of Hazelridge, Manitoba! With their high-energy performances and infectious melodies, they have set the prairies ablaze with their unique sound.

 Leading the charge is Gerry Senkow on fiddle, whose lightning-fast fingers and virtuosic technique have earned him a reputation as one of the best players in the region. Tim Swynar holds down the groove on bass guitar, adding a rock-solid foundation to the band’s lively beats. On accordion, Ryan Senkow brings a hearty dose of Eastern European flavor, while Brendan Stadnyk keeps things moving on drums.

 Together, these four talented musicians have created a sound that is equal parts traditional and modern, bridging the gap between old-world charm and contemporary appeal. Whether they’re playing at a crowded festival stage or a cozy local venue, Prairie Fire never fails to get the crowd moving and singing along.

 With their high-octane performances and infectious energy, Prairie Fire is a Ukrainian polka band like no other. Don’t miss your chance to catch them in action.

Rushnychok Ukrainian Folk Dance Association


Rushnychok Ukrainian Folk Dance Association was established in 1967 and has since grown into one of Saskatoon’s elite Ukrainian dance groups. Throughout its 55 year journey Rushnychok has welcomed thousands of dancers. Rushnychok now primarily focused on dancers ages 3-18. Our not-for-profit, parent-run, organization inspires youth through the teaching of traditional and modern Ukrainian dance. Rushnychok strives to embody the vibrant and living culture of Ukraine.
Over the years Rushnychok has traveled and performed for delegates and audiences across Canada, the USA and Ukraine. In 2018 a group of our dancers, ages 5-15, performed at the International Ukrainian Dance and Culture Festival in Ukraine. This trip is very dear to our hearts as a connection to our homeland, particularly given the events of today. Rushnychok is forever grateful for this experience.
Our Artistic Directors, Shannon Gabrush, Sonya Horner and Adam Breckner lead an experienced team of Instructors who bring Rushnychok traditional and unique pieces of choreography aiding in the development of character, strength and grace. Our dancers’ repertoire is constantly changing as our team of award-winning instructors continues to develop new and exciting dances that reflect Ukraine’s old traditions and capture the refreshingly free spirit of a progressive and modern nation.
Rushnychok continues to promote, preserve and to foster Ukrainian culture and multicultural understanding through Ukrainian Folk Dance. We do this by sharing our gift and love of Ukrainian dance with audiences of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Our dancers feel privileged to perform for you, and to help all audience members embrace the beautiful heart and soul of Ukrainian culture. Dyakuyemo!


Since their inception in 2010, Bratstva attracted dancers from all over the Parkland area to rehearse and perform. Various groups of all ages and skills have participated as dancers and volunteers at several community events, such as Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival, Dauphin’s Countryfest, Ukrainian Orthodox Young Men’s Society Malanka, and Family Fun Day in Winnipegosis. In 2013 and 2018, Bratstva also toured Ukraine, and performed at the Independence Day concert on Rynok Square in Lviv.

Lyra Vocal Group

Lyra has been performing together longer than they haven’t, and are happy to be back at Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival. Since their chance meeting at St. Andrew’s College in Winnipeg almost 25 years ago, Katrusia Basarab, Sofia Bilozor, and Larissa Klymkiw have been charming audiences with their soulful interpretations of Ukrainian music.  

The ladies have sung and played with numerous folk choirs, zabava bands and musical ensembles, and have performed all over the country.  Let the music of Lyra gladden your heart and captivate your spirit.

Canada’s National Riding and Dancing Cossacks & Co.

In the early 1970’s an enthusiastic group of young men were interested in forming a group that exemplified the spirit of the Cossack. From this start, emerged a troupe of riders and dancers that are known today as Canada’s National Riding and Dancing Cossacks and Company. They are dedicated to the education and portrayal of the culture of the 16th Century Zaporozhian Cossacks.

Over the last 50 years, the Cossacks and Company have thrilled audiences with their unique and vibrant performances. They have entertained at numerous festivals and ethnic functions including performances for the late Queen Elizabeth II and Governor General Ray Hnatyshyn. The vitality and versatility of the group is infectious. Audiences instantly become part of the spirit that is alive and strong in the group today. The group’s commitment to Ukrainian culture is displayed through their performances and their reenactments of Cossack camp life.

The Sparkling Tones

The Sparkling Tones band is a Old Time dance band specializing in Western Canadian Ukrainian Music. The Edmonton Alberta based group originally originated back in the late 1950’s with Marshall and his Brother Eddie running the Group at that time. The band reformed back in 2004 and is currently playing their 19th year together.

The Sparkling Tones are well known for their peppy dance music. Whether you like Polka, waltzes, foxtrots or pattern dances, this group is certain to have a little something for everyone. It is because of this that they have such a huge group of dancers that follows them all over the province when or wherever they play.

The band has recorded 4 albums and played well over 750 booking all over the province of Alberta, as well the band has also played at the annual  polka fest in Prince Albert Saskatchewan being the headliner band for the 2 day event that saw them play for a group of over 500 dancers.

Current members are Marshall Pankiw on Fiddle,  Dwayne Pankiw on Accordion and vocals, Irene Pankiw on Tsymballa  and Mike Sydora on rhythm guitar and vocals.

The group also on occasion features Dwayne and Irene’s son Steven on the Fiddle.

Party Time Orchestra

Party Time Orchestra is a favorite local band that has brought the true prairie Ukrainian dance sounds to the stage for many weddings and various social functions over the past decades. The core band has remained constant with the addition of Cliff’s Grandson, Haydn, who has been playing Fiddle since he was 6.

Patty Andrechuk joined the group in 2014, and Manuel Nakonechny joined the group in 2019.
Diverse and versatile selections showcase each member and displays their true love of music.

The Band members are:
Cliff Hadway (Fiddle /Cymbaly)
Syd Puchailo (Guitar/Vocals),
Jim Symchych (drums),
Haydn Hadway (Fiddle)
Patty Andriechuk (Bass/Vocals)
Manuel Nakonechny (Guitar/Vocals)

Come out and kick up your heels to the energy of PTO, and have fun with us Saturday evening at the Cossack Tavern!

Sche Raz

Sche Raz is a 35+ adult Ukrainian dance group organized in Dauphin, Manitoba in 2006.

What started as a fun and social group of individuals with a desire to learn a few Ukrainian dance steps has evolved into a unique and exciting performing ensemble of spirited and fun-loving dancers.

Throughout the years Sche Raz has performed for audiences and festivals throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario to overwhelming responses.

Sche Raz – One more time to showcase our Ukrainian cultural heritage – One more time to show off our fun loving spirit.

Ageless…Timeless…Sche Raz

Prairie Thistle Highland Dance Association

Prairie Thistle Highland Dance Association is a non profit organization consisting of Highland dancers and their families from Western Manitoba and Southern Saskatchewan.

The organization exists to:

  • promote interest and appreciation of the Scottish culture through the means of Highland dance
  • provide opportunities for local dancers such as competitions
  • to cooperate with other organizations having similar objectives