CNUF is proud to host a great variety of performers to our festival every year. This Year is no exception, with bands from across the prairies and dance groups from across the country.

Yevshan Ukrainian Folk Ballet Ensemble

The Yevshan Ukrainian Folk Ballet Ensemble was created in 1960 with the goal of preserving, interpreting, and expressing historical and contemporary Ukrainian cultural values for public enjoyment through technical and artistic excellence in the art form of dance. This year marks Yevshan’s 62nd anniversary.

Veselka Ukrainian Dance Association

In 1983 a group of friends came together to learn Ukrainian dance steps. After months of these exercises, the group decided to form a Ukrainian dance club, which reflected their cultural background and traditions. Hence in 1984, the Veselka Ukrainian Dance and Music Society was formed. Today we are known as the Veselka Ukrainian Dance Association. Veselka has grown to an ensemble cast of just under fifty dancers that have entertained audiences with its unique blend of character, humor, and vitality.

Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

For 60 years, the Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble has been capturing the imagination of audiences around the world with its often fiery, always colourful presentation of Ukrainian dance. Built on a foundation of discipline, devotion, and camaraderie, Rusalka has become an integral part of the Winnipeg arts community. Rusalka’s rich choreographic repertoire features dances from Ukraine’s diverse regions, styles, and moods to captivate any audience.

Zirka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

Zirka means “Star” in Ukrainian and this Dauphin based troupe’s shining performances live up to their name. Zirka has been teaching, promoting, and instilling an appreciation and enjoyment of the art of Ukrainian Dance through the traditional and creative dance steps, regional and authentic costumes and music to promote Ukrainian cultural awareness.

Sche Raz

Sche Raz is a 35+ adult Ukrainian dance group organized in Dauphin, Manitoba in 2006. What started as a fun and social group of individuals with a desire to learn a few Ukrainian dance steps has evolved into a unique and exciting performing ensemble of spirited and fun-loving dancers. Throughout the years Sche Raz has performed for audiences and festivals throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario to overwhelming responses.

Zabutnyy Dance Company

Zabutnyy Dance Company hails from Regina, Saskatchewan, and is under the artistic direction of Serhiy and Liana Zabutnyy. Before making Canada their home, Serhiy, Liana, and their son Maksym, lived in Ternopil, Ukraine. Serhiy and Liana joined “Nadzbruchanka” in 1989 and danced professionally for 14 years, getting the opportunities to travel to Canada, Poland, France, and Germany to perform the group’s vibrant repertoire and share Ukrainian culture. In the late 90’s, Serhiy served as the artistic director of “Nadzbruchanka”, and his choreographed dances, “Dubotanets” and “Bukovynian”, are still being performed by the ensemble. After moving to Canada, Serhiy and Liana dedicated themselves to teaching Ukrainian dance and culture in Saskatchewan, and in 2009 they opened the doors of Zabutnyy Dance Company.


The M & M’s are Back!
We are honored to be asked back to Dauphin to celebrate the 57 th Year of Dauphin’s National Ukrainian Festival.
We are the Menopausal Mamma’s – a group of women, friends and sisters who have embraced the power of dance and the Ukrainian Culture.
We are known for our Character Dances and have won many gold medals over the years attending competitions in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


Since their inception in 2010, Bratstva attracted dancers from all over the Parkland area to rehearse and perform. Various groups of all ages and skills have participated as dancers and volunteers at several community events, such as Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival, Dauphin’s Countryfest, Ukrainian Orthodox Young Men’s Society Malanka, and Family Fun Day in Winnipegosis. In 2013 and 2018, Bratstva also toured Ukraine, and performed at the Independence Day concert on Rynok Square in Lviv.

Canada’s National Riding and Dancing Cossacks and Company


Named after the majestic river in Ukraine, Desna has been dazzling audiences throughout Canada, the US and abroad for more than 45 years. Currently under the direction of Virsky-trained Yuri & Luba Grekov, Desna presents technically demanding and exhilarating dances accented by exquisite costumes and diverse music.

D-Town Steppers

The D-Town Steppers were founded in 2013 by a group of parents that wanted a family friendly group where siblings can be involved and join in the love of dance. D-Town Steppers is a parent run group and is very passionately ran by all parents. Since the
group started the dancers have performed all across the prairies and into the states sharing their love of dance and culture. D-Town is well known for their high energy and smiling faces every where they perform. D-Town has entered numerous dance
competitions and placing in many of those. Individually the dancers enter jigging competitions, any way these kids can dance, they are entering.

By Request Band

Well it’s time to dust off those dancing shoes and boots because By Request is coming back to town! The boys are excited, eager, and honored to be asked to preform once again at Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival and for all of its guests! From traditional Ukrainian folk tunes and foot stomping polkas to classic country and rock hits, By Request will entertain you for hours! We would like to thank all of you for your support and can’t wait to see you all at the festival!

Band Members:
Jayden Chornoboy (Fiddle and Vocals)
John Lwiwski (Accordion, Bass and Vocals)
Glen Ambrose (Guitar)
Ted Mikolajczyk (Drums)

High Profile

“High Profile” is a dynamic, professional, yet approachable dance band that was formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba by Winnipeg musician Darren Gagaluk. Incorporating the musical sounds from Eastern Canada and Ukraine combined with down-to-earth Western Canadian Ukrainian music is what makes “High Profile” a unique performing act. The band can play to any audience consisting of all ages and makes every effort to ensure that no one leaves unsatisfied.

Friends Band

The Friends Band is made up of 5 musicians who have been performing in Western Canada for many decades. From old time music to classic songs from the fifties to chart topping songs of today The Friends Band can entertain one and all.

The Friends Band is made up of:
Les Rolsky – Violin, Saxophone, Guitar
Ken Bialek – Guitar, Vocals
Chester Neduzak – Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals
Tom Koroluk, Accordion, Keyboards, Vocals
Brett Koroluk, Drums

Sawchuk Sisters

“The Sawchuk Sisters” – Brooklynn and Brenna Sawchuk have been described as “Growing up on stage at Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival” even though they are from Brandon Manitoba!   They began violin lessons at the age of five at Brandon University, which led them to many opportunities throughout their childhood to perform at festivals, weddings, anniversaries, parades, charity events, etc…  Since the girls both were involved in dance at a young age, being on stage was a natural place for them.  Participating in school choirs and sports also kept them in front of an audience. 

Maryka and Misha

Maryka Gulka-Chabluk loves to sing. She has produced 7 recordings with her family and friends; Ukrainian Dance Melodies, Folk songs, Love songs, Christmas Carols, Easter Hymns and Children’s music with a sing-along book of activities. All provide great listening entertainment for everyone in all seasons.
Misha, also known as Michelle Kowalchuk is a proud Ukrainian-Canadian who has been singing Ukrainian music in front of audiences since she was a 5-year-old on the Dauphin Festival Grandstand with her sister, Shelley and Mom, Olga on the mandolin. As an adult, Michelle spent several years singing with the band Shoom and has sung on stage at various festivals and events around Manitoba.


Founded by Boris’s father, Bill Nowosad, the group has been in operation since 1959. Although the members have changed over the past half-century, 2022 marks the Melody Kings’ 63 rd anniversary of active involvement in the music industry. In the early years, the Melody Kings were regular performers on CKDM Radio in Dauphin, GX Radio in Yorkton, and on Yorkton television. Today, their recordings are regularly featured on radio stations across Western Canada, their legendary sound entertaining Ukrainian and old-time music fans, young and old alike. The group has recorded several albums during its existence, first with Galaxy Records, and later with Sunshine Records and Baba’s Records.

The members of the group today consist of:
Boris Nowosad – fiddle
Pamela Nowosad-Federowich – keyboards/vocals
Michael Tymchuk – drums
Keith Grexton – lead guitar
Dan Kozak – accordion/bass guitar/cymbaly/vocals

The Zayshley Band

There are three members that make up The Zayshley Band. We have been playing together for about 7 years. They play a variety of music from Ukrainian music, old time, country music, classic rock and a variety of other kinds of speciality dances. They play from Casino’s, Polka Fest’s, Weddings, Dance’s, and so on. Randy Zayshley originally from Saskatchewan has lived in Manitoba at one time and was the original member of the Royal Polka Kings and the Ukrainian Old Timers. Then moved back to Saskatchewan and started his own group. Randy plays a variety of instruments guitar, fiddle Pedal steel, and vocals (English and Ukrainian).
Randy’s wife Patty also plays in The Zayshley Band originally from Winnipeg she also played with various bands. She plays a variety of instruments guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals.
Wayne Dudeck makes up the third member of The Zayshley Band. He also is originally from the Garson, Manitoba Area. He played with various bands. He plays accordion, guitar and vocals.
The all now reside in the Saskatchewan area.

Double Barrel Band / The Drifting Cossacks

Party Time Orchestra