Canada's National Ukrainian Festival

July 31, August 1 & 2, 2020

Entertainment 2020


Band Members Will KayeMatthew PrychunGordon ChubeyJohn BzoveyTerry Kraynykfacebook


For nearly 60 years, Rusalka has been capturing the imagination of audiences around the world, with its often fiery, always colorful presentation of Ukrainian dance. Having worked with many world-renowned choreographers, Rusalka’s rich choreographic rep-ertoire...


In 1983, a group of friends came together to learn Ukrainian dance steps. After months of these exercises, the group decided to form a Ukrainian dance club, which reflected their cultural background and traditions. In 1984, the Veselka Ukrainian Dance and Music...

Yevshan Ukrainian Folk Ballet Ensemble

Yevshan Ukrainian Folk Ballet Ensemble est. 1960 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada Saskatchewan's Longest Running Ukrainian Dance Company Yevshan is dedicated to the professional presentation, interpretation and expression of historical and contemporary Ukrainian...


Millenia formally came into being in the year 2000 as a young, energetic group of four musicians dedicated to both preserving and advancing Canadian Ukrainian music. Over the past Thirteen years, they have performed hundreds of times to thousands of people across...

Hloptsi Z Mista

"Hloptsi Z Mista, or X3M (ex-three-em) for short, is a young, ambitious zabava band from the Greater Toronto Area. With their first appearance coming just three weeks after their formation, they quickly gained a following, as well as a number of subsequent gigs from...

CNUF 55th Anniversary Cookbook

If you wish to participate, please submit five of your favourite recipes for $5.00. Proceeds will go towards production of the cookbook.


Submit recipes to, mail or drop off at the office.


Please include all your contract information along with payment.


Entry deadline is April 1, 2020.

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