Canada's National Ukrainian Festival

Aug 4, 5 & 6 2023

Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival Is looking to hire a



We have a fantastic opportunity for a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to join our team of vibrant Board of Directors. Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, the CAO will be responsible for providing vision and leadership to our board and overseeing the administrative operations of the Office and Boutique. The Board of Directors is seeking a CAO who will embrace our festival, our community and welcome the challenge of growing our festival and developing new ideas. The ideal candidate will have exceptional people skills, demonstrated history of working with high functioning teams and being enthusiastic about providing excellent customer service and exceptional services to customers, patrons and our community.


In addition to the duties outlined in our CAO job description (available upon request) the CAO is also responsibility for the following, including but not limited to:

  • Providing assistance to all committees and members related to the festival
  • Communicating to all board members required information to make effective decisions
  • Ensuring grants and application deadlines are followed and submitted
  • Accountable for the management of the office and store front
  • Directing and informing the board of all documents, agreements and contracts signed for festival services
  • Attending monthly board meetings and executing all minutes and agendas
  • Consulting and collaborating with other cultural events
  • Performing any other direction and duties presented by the board and/or committees
  • Follow protocol, policies, timelines and guidelines of the organization


Not mandatory but would be an asset

  • Minimum of 2 years office management or related experience
  • Office administrative Diploma or Degree
  • Demonstrated history of achieving measurable results
  • Experience working with organizations and understanding of working with the Board of Directors
  • Exceptional ability for planning goals
  • Demonstrated ability to impactfully and passionately communicate information to a diverse audience in a manner that establishes rapport, trust and understanding
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of budgeting and the ability to perform or learn how to execute information in QuickBooks
  • Knowledge with Google Docs, Microsoft office and other publications such as Canva
  • Knowledge of social media platforms
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment


Competitive compensation based on experience. Further details to be discussed at time of a personal interview
Closing date: September 22nd, 2023
Resumes:   Email:


*only qualified candidates will be contacted*









Welcome to Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival 2023!

Слава Їсусу Христу! Слава на віки!
Слава Україні! Героям Слава!


On behalf of the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Resurrection, I extend a very warm welcome to all visitors as we celebrate our 58th year of our National Ukrainian Festival.

This year’s Festival is especially joyous because we commemorate 58 Years of promoting and savouring our beautiful Ukrainian culture. ‘The annual portrayal of our rich Ukrainian cultural heritage has blessed us with many wonderful memories of past performers. friendships made through the gala events of the three day weekend, the children’s activities, the touch of excitement from Canada’s National Riding and Dancing Cossacks, the hospitality shown through the pavilions, the arts and crafts, the ethnic cuisine, the celebration of polka parties, the cultivation of Ukrainian tradition at the amateur talent contest and the vibrant performance of dance groups helped inspire and instill a love to the Ukrainian heritage in each upcoming year of generations of youth.

Also each annual Festival has helped solidify deep Ukrainian cultural roots in our local community and in the visitors from every part of the country. To all the volunteers who have given so much of their time and effort through the years to make the experience of the Festival be exciting and memorable, we offer our thanks and our prayers.

We ask that you pray for our people in Ukraine during these dark months of the brutal russian aggression. Remember those who were murdered and gave their lives for Ukraine’s freedom. We believe in our VICTORY.

May this year’s Festival be a blessed experience of all of the above for you. On Sunday August 6″, 2023 we invite you to partake in the Divine Liturgy worship at 9:30
am at the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Resurrection, 801 Jackson Street as a way bringing gratitude to our Father for this milestone of 58 Years and at 12:30 pm at
Trembowla Cross of Freedom for the Moleben to the BVM and Panakhyda service.

Нехай цьогорічний Фестиваль стане для вас благословенним досвідом усього перерахованого вище. У неділю, 6 Серпня 2023 року, запрошуємо вас взяти участь у Божественній Літургії о 9:30 ранку в Українській Католицькій церкві Воскресіння

Христового, 801 Уаск5оп бігесі як спосіб принести вдячність нашому Отцю за цей 58-річний ювілей та о 12:30 у Трембовлі Хреста Свободи на Молебень та Панахиду.


Very Rev. Oleg Bodnarski

Pastor and Dean

Selo Heritage Site

If you’ve ever wondered how Baba made those delicious perogies or what Dido did when he went to the blacksmith shop or how your Uncle John repaired his neighbour’s shoes, come to Selo Ukraine situated at the base of the northern side of Riding Mountain National Park to find out. Selo Ukraina is brought to life during Canada’s national Ukrainian Festival when Sche Raz (members of an adult Ukrainian dance group) costumed characters portray the real people who, at one time, occupied and worked in these historic buildings.

Feel free to wander the Selo and explore over a dozen historic buildings, including the Byzantine Ukrainian Orthodox Church, a hall, a one room school, a general store, a shoe repair shop, a blacksmith shop, bake ovens, and three homes.

Ask the blacksmith the best way to shoe a horse, put on colourful Ukrainian outfits and have a photographer take your picture, or sing, “Oh Canada,” and, “God Save Our Gracious King,” in the one room school. Behave yourself at the school or you might find yourself standing in the corner for the rest of the afternoon.

By all means interact with the villagers and let them take you back to the early 1900s.

Jerry Joss

Слава Ісусу Христу! Слава на віки!
Слава Україні! Героям Слава!

As Hospodar and Hospodynia, we are honoured and thrilled to welcome you to the 58th annual Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival!
We would like to start off by recognizing all the volunteers, staff and Board of Directors; this festival could not happen without you.
Preserving our Ukrainian heritage has always been important to us and over the years our family has taken part in the festival preparations. It brings us much joy to be able to see how our contribution blossomed during the festival weekend.
Zoryana & I have both been part of the Board of Directors for many years, helping organize the VIP supper, fundraising & festival ground set up. We are tremendously proud to see this festival see it’s 58th year.
We are grateful to those that started the festival, without their roots, we would not have such a big, successful event to showcase our Ukrainian heritage. We are especially grateful to those who continue to keep this Festival alive for the next generations to come.
We would like to thank the CNUF President, Kayla Gillis, the executive board of directors as well as the loyalty of all our volunteers.
Whether you are a first time festival attendee or you’ve attended since the beginning, we ask you to enjoy this weekend and take in the colourful costumes, intricate dance groups and talented bands, delicious cuisine and beautiful language. Spend time at Cossack camp, eat fresh bread from the clay ovens (peech) or have a seat at the grand stands for an afternoon show.
Zoryana and I are looking forward to meeting you and hope that you will have a truly memorable experience at this year’s Festival.
We ask that you pray for our people in Ukraine during these dark months of the brutal russian aggression. Remember those who were murdered and gave their lives for Ukraine’s freedom. We believe in our VICTORY.

Very Rev. Oleg and Zoryana Bodnarski

Як Господар і Господиня, ми маємо велику честь вітати Вас на 58-ій річниці від заснування Канадсько-Українського Національного Фестивалю.

Спершу ми хотіли б відзначити усіх волонтерів, персонал ради директорів без яких цей фестиваль не міг би відбутися. Дякуємо Вам!

Збереження української спадщини завжди було для нас важливим і протягом багатьох років наша родина брала участь у підготовці фестивалю.

Ми допомагаємо в організації VIP-вечері, у зборі коштів та облаштуванні фестивального майданчика. Ми надзвичайно пишаємося тим, що цей фестиваль існує уже 58 років.

Ми щиро вдячні тим, хто започаткував цей фестиваль. Без них ми б не мали такого масштабного успішного заходу, щоб продемонструвати нашу українську спадщину та її культуру.

Особливо ми вдячні усім тим, хто продовжує підтримувати цей фестиваль для наступних поколінь.

Складаємо велику подяку нашій президентці Канадсько-Українського Національного Фестивалю Кийла Гиллис та раді директорів, а також усім помічникам та волонтерам за їхню відданість.

Незалежно від того, чи ви відвідуєте фестиваль уперше чи приїджаєте щороку ми заохочуємо усіх вас провести гарно час, відвідати крамниці, скуштувати смачної української кухні, відвідати козацький табір та почастувати свіжого хліба спеченого у глиняній печі, побачити українське село та його мешканців. Ну і звичайно фестиваль не обходиться без танцювальних груп та їхніх барвистих костюмів, талановитих музичних груп та красивою мелозвучною солов’їною українською мовою.

Ми з нетерпінням чекаємо зустрічі з вами і сподіваємося, що цьогорічний фестиваль у вас буде справді незабутнім.

Просимо молитися за наших людей в Україні, а особливо за захисників та захисниць, які віддано борються з брутальною російською агресією. Згадайте і тих, які були закатовані і тих, хто віддав своє життя за волю та незалежність України. Ми віримо в нашу ПЕРЕМОГУ.

Слава Україні! Героям Слава!

о. Олег та добродійка Зоряна Боднарські