The Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, Poltava Ensemble of Song, Music and Dance is a 50-member Ukrainian Ensemble from Regina, Saskatchewan. The Poltava Ensemble’s roots in the Saskatchewan’s cultural scene began in 1922 with the formation of a children’s string orchestra.  Since that time the Ensemble has grown to include dancers, singers and musicians and remains the only Ukrainian ensemble in Saskatchewan to provide orchestral accompaniment for all of its dancers.  The Poltava Ensemble is unique and its repertoire is not only known for the grace and acrobatic energy of Ukrainian dance but includes renowned song, music and dance of the various cultures within, and bordering on, Ukraine.        

The Poltava Ensemble has had the opportunity to travel and perform both nationally and internationally. The Ensemble has toured Ukraine on three occasions, performed at Disneyworld in Florida and more recently performed in Portugal in 2015 and Portugal/Spain in 2018. Many of the international performances were by invitation from the International Folk Arts Council where Poltava represented Canada and shared professional stages with Ensembles from all over the world. In 2021, the Poltava Ensemble has accepted an invitation to return to Portugal (FolkMonção) and Spain (Xornadas de Folclore).