The Drifting Cossacks Ukrainian Party Band came into being one week after CNUF 2017, after coming together and playing during festival 2017. They are experienced musicians, except for their newest member. They are dedicated to keeping the old traditions alive from, playing at the door at weddings, to just playing for the love of music they all put together. Down to earth, toe tapping, foot stamping, old time Ukrainian music is what is in store for you.

Even though they have only been together for 6 months, they had the opportunity for playing at the door and after party for the Dauphin Kings Ukrainian Night 2018, in Dauphin, MB. The band performs for Weddings, Socials, Anniversary’s, Festivals, Malankas and all occasions. The band is from the Grandview, Gilbert plains and Ste. Rose areas. They will be playing sizzling polkas, waltzes, kolomeyka’s, butterfly’s, heel n toe, schottisches, seven steps and two steps.

 The Drifting Cossacks are comprised of 5 talented musicians:

Andy Zamonsky – Fiddle

Jeremy Sytnick – Accordion, Bass, Guitars

Trevor Hale – Guitars

Ed Dobranski – Drums

Dan Kozak – Accordion, Tsymbaly, Lead Vocals

The Drifting Cossacks can be contacted on:

Facebook, Instagram, Email – 

Bitaemo (welcome) to CNUF 2018 Budmo Hey!  Budmo Hey!  Budmo Hey Hey Hey!