HALF NA PIV – “half на пів”, is a proud, Ukrainian, five–piece band, originating from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Their repertoire features modern arrangements of Ukrainian folk songs, and includes various classic English rock and country hits. Steve Harasymchuk leads the vocals with nostalgic fiddling. Steve Kodak shares lead vocal and heads the rhythm section with electrifying drumming. Tony Hawrysh stabilizes the beat with fluid bass playing. Paul Kodak fuses the unique sound as the guitarist, keyboardist, and the third vocalist. All is complemented with intricate accordion playing by Matt Gruza.

Half Na Piv enjoys creating a place of excitement leaving all those with a lasting memory. The band members have been playing music together for over 13 years at anniversaries, various functions, and numerous weddings. Although no CD has been made, discussions on producing one are in the works. Please “follow” and “like” them on their Instagram and Facebook page by searching, “Half Na Piv”. Contact information for bookings, pictures, and videos can be found there.

In Ukrainian, “piv” means half. The old expression “half na piv” can mean how much of a drink to pour, but because it describes many other aspects of the band, “half na piv” seemed to be a fitting name (ie: their repertoire is half Ukrainian, half English; half of the band is from the city, the other half is from the farm).